Who Is Your Friend, Jess?


Who is “Your Friend, Jess”? 

I’ve been asking myself that a lot, too. I’m a writer, feminist, creator, style enthusiast, traveler, and funny maker.

Where are you?

New York, NY

What is this blog? 

Long-time listener, first-time caller. I’ve been an active citizen of the Internet for my whole life, and it’s about time I contributed something to it (instead of being the grammar corrector in the comments section of New York Times articles).  I’ve got a lot to say besides on this other social network I’m on.

What are you , like, obsessed with?

An unearthly obsession with Beyonce and constantly stalking the lives of every woman who has graced the SNL stage.

What do you want to be?

Well, that’s very forward of you to ask me that question. Besides my aspirations to become an astronaut, I write and do comedy. Also, I like your style.

Can you do a handstand?

I try at least twice a day.

CONTACT: Shoot me an e-mail at jessibels@gmail.com



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One thought on “Who Is Your Friend, Jess?

  1. Hi, Jess, I just saw on Garance Dore’s blog that you have the same shades as Harley has (the photo and the girl are gorgeous! :). Could you please tell me what’s the brand? I love them! Hope I can get them somewhere still this summer (or rather Indian summer…:) Many thanks!

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