In typical blogger fashion, I found out I was tagged for a Liebster Award when I was in my underwear in bed scrolling through my iPhone. To continue the “blogger lifestyle,” I will write this post weeping over ice cream and in a coffee shop. It’s bloggers and mad people like us who invent stuff like Facebook or a really bad permanent public diary.

A Bright Bite

So when I read A Bright Bite’s Liebster Award post that nominated me, I was extremely flattered and thought, “Ego boost, son!” Ashley’s blog is like a J. Crew catalog in that I just want to live in it. Sometimes I think we have the same brain when we she writes about Mindy or music, then I realize that we don’t, since she writes about her delicious recipes that I can only drool at. Realizing that there are intelligent, trendy, and sensible blogs like A Bright Bite motivates me to be a better Instagrammer.

Head over to A Bright Bite, follow it, and tell Ashley how awesome she is (and how we don’t like Taylor Swift, *wink*). Here’s what she asked me:

1. The year is not over yet, but what has been your favorite pop culture moment of 2013?

I tell myself to live in the moment, which is great whenever I remember Beyonce’s walk during the Super Bowl. That wasn’t so much a pop culture moment, so much as a historical event when all other walks were put to shame. #JustKidding #KONY2012 #Sharknado

2. What are your tips for balancing school, life and keeping up with your blog?

Thankfully I have an army of Harvard interns I keep in my basement. It’s a sweatshop sort of situation. It also helps that I don’t go out during the weekends, which negates the “life” part of your question.

Blogging is a hobby that I now realize is becoming more important to me, especially when I have blog drafts open during class. I normally write about life or school, so it’s all a giant circle.

3. What topics do you get most excited to write about?

Myself. (Kidding, sort of.)

Writing is a form of stress relief for me. I bring a notebook everywhere I go because just like my bladder, I never know when a really good idea needs to come out. Sketches, essays, tweets– anything that’s not homework.

4. We’ve all had them, but what is a fashion trend you totally gave into that you now cringe at when looking back?

I always thought fashion was some mysterious creature that visited every other girl but me, so I never really took part in “trends.” In high school, I was the nerd who wore khakis and polos, but knew UGGs were the Holy Grail. Thankfully, my parents were wise enough to tell me that UGGs were just really ugly.

5. Who is your favorite writer — journalist or fiction?

There are too many. I admire anyone who writes. I love journalists for just being experts at whatever story they are working on at a certain time then moving on to another one. Nora Ephron started as a journalist and has now become the wallpaper on my bookshelf. I love humorists for just being able to make readers elicit visible emotion (laughter), like David Sedaris. Malcolm Gladwell’s work is also great if you want to show off your intelligence in front of friends.

6. What are three items you refuse to leave the house without?

Unstuffy nose.

Empty bladder. (Another reference to the bladder.Let’s hear it for the bladder!)

My watch.

7. Three words that describe you at 6 a.m.; Three words that describe you at midnight.

6 AM: sloppy, angelic, hungry

Midnight: sloppy, demonic, hungry

friends with distance

In keeping with the Liebster Award, I’ll pass the torch on to the ladies at Friends With Distance. One friend in NYC, the other in Italy, I enjoy keeping up with their travels and misadventures. They make having a long-distance friendship seem easy, but as they say, it is “rocky terrain.” Their questions are in the comments below, so check it out and read up!


P.S. Who’s your favorite blogger?


10,000 Lessons From Haiyan

For readers of this blog, I appreciate your interest in my humorous (and sometimes ridiculous) cogitations that keep my world balanced. Then I remember that all the situations which I don’t tend to write about, due to their disinterest, make my world feel like its spinning out of orbit. But alas, this blog has helped me keep my feet on the ground.

In this crazy world in which we live, I am the Editor-In-Chief of a college newspaper and in addition to that, gruesome weather seems to happen too often. Below is an excerpt of a short piece I wrote for the newspaper with links on how you can donate to help disaster relief in the Philippines. You can participate by reading it first, then donating. Or the other way around.

By an accident of geography, Typhoon Haiyan passed through the Philippines after incubating in the largest ocean in the world and wrought havoc that was never seen before. Is this weather a foreshadowing of the future of our world? What is the future? Most importantly, is there a future for us?

Whatever the cause of the super typhoon is irrelevant, more so for the innocent victims who were living a sustainable life in the least developed part of the world. The reports and photos taken of the devastation is horrific to say the least and our hearts bleed for them. What is important, however, is what we as humans will do about it. Can we talk together about the future of climate change and these typhoons increasingly becoming the norm? We cannot have these 10,000 lessons to simply be forgotten.

Do the adults of this generation care to plan for the future, or have they accepted the fact that there is no future? Those planning to create a better world for us to inherit must learn to see beyond their lifetime.

For more information on how you can contribute to disaster response, click through the following links for lists of organizations:

How to Help Philippines Typhoon Victims | The New York Times

Typhoon Haiyan Relief | Clinton Global Initiative

Organizations Offering Relief to Typhoon Haiyan Survivors | NBC News


WHAT I LOVED: Funny, Friends, Flying To Where?

Cold weather is a great excuse to climb back into bed and indulge in the warmth of 500 thread count. It’s like a good piece of banana bread when the butter hits the back of your tongue and you know life is food good. As it is Monday morning and there is no time to make excuses for pushing aside productivity, here are some special stuff that I’ve been indulging in that will make you crave just five more minutes in bed or five more slices of pizza.

Food for Thoughts & Giggles: “The Most of Nora Ephron”

As soon as I was to start writing about Nora Ephron for this post, I ended up down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched every clip of her films (Heartburn, When Harry Met Sally, Julie & Julia). When I found out that a new book of her essays was published, I rushed to get my hands on it, naturally. After years of dedication and devotion aspiring to be at least one-eighth of this woman’s wit, I can only accomplish so much. If you’re reading this blog, then you’ll probably want this book.

Friends & Admirers: Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2014

There are circles of friends that I only wish I were at least one degree of separation to. Rachel Antonoff’s is one of them, especially after watching her latest video debuting her 2014 Spring collection. Last season, she and her brother’s girlfriend (new break-out up-and-comer out-of-the-blue, Ms. Lena Dunham) created a short documentary about best friends, all for her fashion line of course. This year’s features Gillian Jacobs and Jack Antonoff retelling her parents’ love story. Can you just imagine what their group text messages are like?

Funny Femme Fatale: Kerry Washington on SNL

Let’s talk about it. Kerry Washington is amazing and maybe should just join the cast already (which would do a lot for diversity, Lorne). If you follow me on Twitter, then you know my live-tweets of SNL every week is just a lot of word vomit. There is no need to write a recap of a show that you’ve watched, but I so loved Ms. Washington that she deserves to be tagged on this blog.

An American in London, Amsterdam, Brussels…

11 Travel Start-ups You Need To Know | Mashable

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend and a daze of confusement since I found out that I will be travelling to Europe throughout December! I’ve taken initiative and started a board on Pinterest. I will never leave you out, so this blog will be filled with wanderlust next month. I’ll be updating you with my travels and posting daily vlogs.

Tell me, what do you want to see when it comes to travelling?



Alas, it’s October– the month that Lindsay Lohan’s movie characters are obviously obsessed withOctober 11th

After a long week of writing papers and dealing with people, Friday night is for letting it all out. And by “letting it all out,” I mean staying in under the blankets and watching teen movies from the 90’s that were all adapted from Shakespeare/Jane Austen/Greek myths. It was like the 90’s were a post-John Hughes era when producers were looking for stories that teens could eat up. Well, it worked. English teachers don’t mind it either, especially since iambic pentameter may be too cumbersome to translate, when Amanda Bynes could do it for you (when she was still able to).

So when deadlines are getting you down and being “under the weather” sounds like a good excuse, here is a list of my favorite things to do in the fall:

  1. Sweatpants. Sorry, Karl Lagerfeld.

  2. Complaining about Target putting out Christmas decorations

  3. Buying more bulky sweaters so you can eat more

  4. Rookie Yearbook 2!

  5. Being so congested that you can’t hear what anybody is ever saying

  6. Not having to time to update your blog because your professors don’t realize your priorities. I’ll be back, lovelies.



Throughout the week, I spend a lot of time online and off to consume information and stories that fuel me for conversations with friends, essay topics, and simply to expand my frame of reference. Most times, 140 characters isn’t enough to share what I love, so every week I will share what I read, watched, or learned for all the world to see. It’s also my time to “get real” with y’all. Let’s be smarter together!

Attention, nerds and nerdettes…or those who want to join the club!

1. Podcasts!

Give podcasts a try. Before bed, in the car, or in the background. The information will sink in. My most favorites are the comedy podcasts which feature interviews with funny people, because who doesn’t like to laugh? Oh, you don’t? Then try Welcome to Night Vale. They’re free. And when my friends tell me about downloading Miley’s latest album, I’m all like, “Have you listened to that interview Terry Gross had with Justin Timberlake?!”

For starters: Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist, WTF with Marc Maron, and This American Life

Podcasts for Starters

2. Documentaries

Maybe because it is my birthday coming up, but I spent the entire last week being “sick.” It’s great that I still live at home because being “sick” means staying in bed and watching Wheel of Fortune. The rest of the day, I devote to documentaries. As a self-proclaimed fashion and broadway aficionado (I’m probably not by public standards), these top three documentaries were my favorite. First Position even prompted me to start taking ballet classes again, which I will write about in an upcoming post!

Ladies and gays: The September Issue, Every Little Step, and First Position

Favorite Documentaries

3. La Petite Fashionista: Blogger Coffee Date

Now that you’ve made it to No. 3, I’m assuming you like my blog. My goal is to make you love it. Well, one of my favorite bloggers, La Petite Fashionista, is there to assist me. I recently went on a Blogger Coffee Date with Lauren and after an hour, I’ve got five full pages of notes and an endless amount of ideas. If you want to expand your blog or need some assistance in the social media area of the world, then you should totally check it out! I ended the Skype session feeling pumped to write and spend more time…on the computer. “Yes!” to staying in more! You ready?

La Petite Fashionista Blogger Coffee Date



Throughout the week, I spend a lot of time online and off to consume information and stories that fuel me for conversations with friends, essay topics, and simply to expand my frame of reference. Most times, 140 characters isn’t enough to share what I love, so every week I will share what I read, watched, or learned for all the world to see. It’s also my time to “get real” with y’all. Let’s be smarter together!

The F stands for Feminism, everybody.

1. “My Mademoiselle Summer”

I started reading this article from the New York Times over breakfast on Monday. Written by Meg Wolitzer, it’s a nostalgic and lovely piece about her time with Mademoiselle magazine. As an “aspiring journalist” (which seems like an oxymoron these days), the article was a sort of time capsule of women writers in the 70’s and earlier. I admire all the writers she referenced in the article, which made me want to pick up another Didion book.

2. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Instead, I started reading The Bell Jar immediately afterwards. The only thing I knew about The Bell Jar before reading the article by Meg Wolitzer was its cover, as it is a common decorative fixture in Barnes & Noble. Five pages in, I have already highlighted almost every other line. It’s a roman-a-clef of Plath’s spiral into madness and insanity while working at a magazine publication. GIRLS meets Mad Men-ish?

TIP! If you don’t got the dough to buy a book, here’s a website where you can download thousands of ebooks, including The Bell Jar. Virtual. Heaven.

3. The Virgin Suicides

As a reward to finish off my productive Thursday, it only seems appropriate to watch some sort of feministically-charged film. Another episode of Sex and the City? I kid. Ironically, I watched The Virgin Suicides (based on the book by Jeffrey Eugenides) for the first time. Sofia Coppola is kinda sorta my film hero. Okay, she is my film hero. Capturing the horrors and tragedies that is adolescence and high school, The Virgin Suicides was signature Sofia Coppola with some scenes that looked like my daydreams in high school. Rainbows and slow motion unicorns, y’all! I can understand why Rookie can’t get enough writing about it.

That’s what I loved this week. Is this a good thing to do?


P.S. What did you love this week?