Throughout the week, I spend a lot of time online and off to consume information and stories that fuel me for conversations with friends, essay topics, and simply to expand my frame of reference. Most times, 140 characters isn’t enough to share what I love, so every week I will share what I read, watched, or learned for all the world to see. It’s also my time to “get real” with y’all. Let’s be smarter together!

Attention, nerds and nerdettes…or those who want to join the club!

1. Podcasts!

Give podcasts a try. Before bed, in the car, or in the background. The information will sink in. My most favorites are the comedy podcasts which feature interviews with funny people, because who doesn’t like to laugh? Oh, you don’t? Then try Welcome to Night Vale. They’re free. And when my friends tell me about downloading Miley’s latest album, I’m all like, “Have you listened to that interview Terry Gross had with Justin Timberlake?!”

For starters: Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist, WTF with Marc Maron, and This American Life

Podcasts for Starters

2. Documentaries

Maybe because it is my birthday coming up, but I spent the entire last week being “sick.” It’s great that I still live at home because being “sick” means staying in bed and watching Wheel of Fortune. The rest of the day, I devote to documentaries. As a self-proclaimed fashion and broadway aficionado (I’m probably not by public standards), these top three documentaries were my favorite. First Position even prompted me to start taking ballet classes again, which I will write about in an upcoming post!

Ladies and gays: The September Issue, Every Little Step, and First Position

Favorite Documentaries

3. La Petite Fashionista: Blogger Coffee Date

Now that you’ve made it to No. 3, I’m assuming you like my blog. My goal is to make you love it. Well, one of my favorite bloggers, La Petite Fashionista, is there to assist me. I recently went on a Blogger Coffee Date with Lauren and after an hour, I’ve got five full pages of notes and an endless amount of ideas. If you want to expand your blog or need some assistance in the social media area of the world, then you should totally check it out! I ended the Skype session feeling pumped to write and spend more time…on the computer. “Yes!” to staying in more! You ready?

La Petite Fashionista Blogger Coffee Date




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