Throughout the week, I spend a lot of time online and off to consume information and stories that fuel me for conversations with friends, essay topics, and simply to expand my frame of reference. Most times, 140 characters isn’t enough to share what I love, so every week I will share what I read, watched, or learned for all the world to see. It’s also my time to “get real” with y’all. Let’s be smarter together!

The F stands for Feminism, everybody.

1. “My Mademoiselle Summer”

I started reading this article from the New York Times over breakfast on Monday. Written by Meg Wolitzer, it’s a nostalgic and lovely piece about her time with Mademoiselle magazine. As an “aspiring journalist” (which seems like an oxymoron these days), the article was a sort of time capsule of women writers in the 70’s and earlier. I admire all the writers she referenced in the article, which made me want to pick up another Didion book.

2. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Instead, I started reading The Bell Jar immediately afterwards. The only thing I knew about The Bell Jar before reading the article by Meg Wolitzer was its cover, as it is a common decorative fixture in Barnes & Noble. Five pages in, I have already highlighted almost every other line. It’s a roman-a-clef of Plath’s spiral into madness and insanity while working at a magazine publication. GIRLS meets Mad Men-ish?

TIP! If you don’t got the dough to buy a book, here’s a website where you can download thousands of ebooks, including The Bell Jar. Virtual. Heaven.

3. The Virgin Suicides

As a reward to finish off my productive Thursday, it only seems appropriate to watch some sort of feministically-charged film. Another episode of Sex and the City? I kid. Ironically, I watched The Virgin Suicides (based on the book by Jeffrey Eugenides) for the first time. Sofia Coppola is kinda sorta my film hero. Okay, she is my film hero. Capturing the horrors and tragedies that is adolescence and high school, The Virgin Suicides was signature Sofia Coppola with some scenes that looked like my daydreams in high school. Rainbows and slow motion unicorns, y’all! I can understand why Rookie can’t get enough writing about it.

That’s what I loved this week. Is this a good thing to do?


P.S. What did you love this week?


4 thoughts on “WHAT I LOVED: THE F-WORD

    • Thanks for visiting!
      I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your site (one of the inspirations for mine!). I’ll definitely have a blog post on Madison soon; it’s so beautiful there!

  1. I just bought a kindle, so bring on the recommendations! Would love to check this out. And Sofia Copola is the shit. Have you seen Lost in Translation? Literally changed my life.

    I love the way you write btw! Hope you’ll stop by 🙂


    • Thanks for visiting! I’m so glad that you enjoyed my blog…and I sure will check out yours.
      I’ve definitely seen every Sofia Coppola movie about a hundred times!
      Be sure to come back for the next in the series 🙂

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